Into a Puddle in the Path

$800.00 GST not collected

Oil & cold wax on cradled board
External White frame 54cm x 54cm x 5.5cm

Ready to hang
Delivery within Australia included


Into a Puddle in the Path by Suzy Strout

A frequent user of the GreenWay, I was fascinated by the bike tracks that cut through a puddle in the Cooks River path after rain, spurring me to imagine how many others had travelled this section.
This work captures traces of those past and present journeys.

I first noticed the textures and shapes in the puddle, and the whimsy of the reflection, but also thought about how we put pressure on the natural elements of our urban environment.

The path has since been reworked and the drainage improved, thanks to local management, so this image is now an ‘echo’ of a puddle.