Too rainy to varnish any paintings this week and I can’t quite settle to finishing off a couple of projects, so have been doing a sort through in the studio. It appears that I have become quite fascinated by painting portraits. My first one in acrylics a number of years ago, presented me with all sorts of problems, drying too quickly – but I certainly learnt a lot, even though I did not tackle anymore faces for a while.

I have been working in oils for the past year, after some workshop sessions with artist Marie Mansfield, and most of those have been portraits. What a joy! Such a difference to the character or the expression of a face by the slightest touch of colour or tone. Yum!

Then this year, I have rediscovered watercolour and….wouldn’t you know it….portraits in watercolour.

Hope you enjoy my new folder of Portraits

Still lovin’it!


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