Sunlit Hills before breakfast – Process


I really wanted to capture the startling effect of the morning sun as it hit the hills of the canyon we were camped in, in central Australia. I drew it a couple of times. This is the first preliminary sketch in oil pastel.

SUNLIT HILLS before breakfast Preliminary sketch #1

I played with the shapes a second time, again in oil pastels, which captured a few more ideas

SUNLIT HILLS before breakfast Preliminary sketch #2

I kept the 30 x 30cm format and there were of course a few more changes along the way, but I was very happy with the result in acrylic on board.

#27 SUNLIT HILLS BEFORE BREAKFAST 30 x 30 x 2.2cm Acrylic on board $200

Done and Dusted


Exhibition last days

The last weekend of my exhibition flew by, with so many visitors….friends, colleagues and new faces. It has been a wonderful experience having the chance to both see my works up on the gallery wall, to talk about them and the stories that motivated me, but it has been equally rewarding to hear the stories they evoke in those viewing them. I’m still not used to the daily noise of the traffic outside the gallery, but loved how friendly Petersham was, with most passers-by giving a wave or a friendly nod.

A big Thanks to Bess at Newsagency Gallery for an easy and successful exhibition.

Might do it again next year!!!!!!!!

SOJOURN continues


My exhibition SOJOURN continues another week, until 30th August, so if you have the time, come on down and have a look.

Newsagency Gallery – 332 Stanmore Rd, Petersham 2049

Lots of lovely people have visited and many paintings have found news homes. Wonderful!

I love the way new people can react differently to my paintings and especially like when the works evoke in the viewer their own personal responses.

Aahh! Happy Days!




It’s official. 14th August I’m opening a solo exhibition of landscape works at Newsagency Gallery, Petersham. Very exciting news and so pleased to be working with the owner Bess O’Malley on my project.

This exhibition shows some of the landscapes that have caught and held my attention. The wide horizons of the Mallee area, the empty, but colour-filled spaces of central Australia and the allure of coastal waters.

Do hope some of you can make it during the 2 weeks and have a look and say hello.

‘SOJOURN’ – Open 14th Aug to 30th Aug Newsagency Gallery,

332 Stanmore Rd, Petersham, 2049

Very excited…….more details to come….meanwhile Stay Safe