Highly Commended at Drummoyne Art Society Exhibition


Ord River – West Kimberley

I love this piece and the judge approved too. Acrylic inks & paint on Arches 300gsm watercolour paper.

No second chances with ink as you paint, unlike watercolour where you have time to blot or wash it out, but I love the vibrancy of the inks.

Beautifully framed in oak with art glass, so no nasty reflections. Very happy.

ORD RIVER – acrylic ink and paint on 300gsm paper – 100x80cm in Oak frame with art glass $1400



Detail from a piece I had started in 2020 and although I liked it, felt it didn’t quite meet my image of what I wanted to say….so I reworked it in 2022 with cold wax & oil.
I wanted to show visual sightlines, bent lines of perspective, (both figuratively and literally) and man-made lines mingled with imagined migratory lines. I also wanted to show the layers built up in the earth.

I like where it ended up. Hope you do too,
Cheers, Suzy

Sunlit Hills before breakfast – Process


I really wanted to capture the startling effect of the morning sun as it hit the hills of the canyon we were camped in, in central Australia. I drew it a couple of times. This is the first preliminary sketch in oil pastel.

SUNLIT HILLS before breakfast Preliminary sketch #1

I played with the shapes a second time, again in oil pastels, which captured a few more ideas

SUNLIT HILLS before breakfast Preliminary sketch #2

I kept the 30 x 30cm format and there were of course a few more changes along the way, but I was very happy with the result in acrylic on board.

#27 SUNLIT HILLS BEFORE BREAKFAST 30 x 30 x 2.2cm Acrylic on board $200

Done and Dusted


Exhibition last days

The last weekend of my exhibition flew by, with so many visitors….friends, colleagues and new faces. It has been a wonderful experience having the chance to both see my works up on the gallery wall, to talk about them and the stories that motivated me, but it has been equally rewarding to hear the stories they evoke in those viewing them. I’m still not used to the daily noise of the traffic outside the gallery, but loved how friendly Petersham was, with most passers-by giving a wave or a friendly nod.

A big Thanks to Bess at Newsagency Gallery for an easy and successful exhibition.

Might do it again next year!!!!!!!!