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Update: Plans for an exhibition this year have fallen through, so I have decided to take a different tack and place many of those recent works here on my website. They are all for sale and and most of them are also available as limited edition Giclee prints. Enquire if you are interested.

From Tues 23rd Oct 2018, I will also be launching my works with an online art selling platform

It has been a fun year of exploring different mediums and I realise that I am being drawn towards multi-layered paintings, quite often scraped back to reveal the image ie oil pastels and ink (yes, like we did at school!!), oil over acrylic or the reverse and layers and collages on top. Not ready to show all of that yet, but stay tuned.

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Thoughts from the Studio

Thoughts from the Studio

Came across pictures from my first exhibition. What fun it was!

So now that I have time to be working towards a new exhibition, I’m still exploring a variety of styles with Acrylic paints & inks. Using the inks has taught me to be able to put a painting aside to wait for a layer to dry and then add…. A very valuable lesson and one that I have put to good use as I have started painting in oils as well. I do understand the allure of the butteriness of the oils and although initially felt conflicted between the two mediums, I can see how it has helped my techniques…even down to organising my palette better!

Still loving it!